Japanese hotel "Sumiyoshiya Ryokan" in Kanazawa

Sumiyoshiya Ryokan is located Kanazawa City of Japan. Close to the Kenroku-en Garden, Omi-cho fish Market. We will write the sightseeing guide and the event, etc.

Our Ryokan has the longest history of 300 years among all the Ryokans in such Kanazawa.
We are simple and small Inn though, all through the ages we find customer’s smile encouraging and will continue to our Ryokan business in future as well.
Please relax at Sumiyoshiya Ryokan and have a pleasant day!

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Kanazawa Yume Kaido

Kanazawa Yume Kaido

Kanazawa city will held festival "Kanazawa Yume Kaidou" on 8th and 9th August.
You can enjoy various dance and performance around Korinbo,Hirosaka,Musashi area.
The location is near the our hotel.

For more information, please reference the following : 金沢ゆめ街道

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The day of the ox in midsummer

The grilled weatherfish

Japanese people have a habit of to eat grilled eel in the day of the ox in midsummer.
Because grilled eel provided us good nutrition.
People of Kanazawa also eat grilled weatherfish during summer.
The grilled weatherfish is little bitter taste and tasty.
The day of the ox in midsummer is coming on July 26.
How about one for you ?

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"Kanazawa Touryoue"

Kazue-machi Chaya Distreict

Let me show you event.

“Kanazawa Touryoue"
You can enjoy historical townscape, art,crafts and etc...
Please, enjoy the charms of Kanazawa event.

Date: July 29 - August 1, 2010
Higashi Chaya District,Kazue-machi District ,Owari-cho and around Asanogawa River.
(Holding time varies by event, please refer to the official site for more information below)
金沢燈涼会 公式サイト

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