Japanese hotel "Sumiyoshiya Ryokan" in Kanazawa

Sumiyoshiya Ryokan is located Kanazawa City of Japan. Close to the Kenroku-en Garden, Omi-cho fish Market. We will write the sightseeing guide and the event, etc.

Our Ryokan has the longest history of 300 years among all the Ryokans in such Kanazawa.
We are simple and small Inn though, all through the ages we find customer’s smile encouraging and will continue to our Ryokan business in future as well.
Please relax at Sumiyoshiya Ryokan and have a pleasant day!

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"YUKIRSURI" of Kenrokuen garden


Tree of Kenrokuen Garden are worked "YUKITSURI".
Every year the work start 1th November.
The purpose of Yukitsuri is protect tree from snow.
You can see the work untill middle of next month.

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Kanazawa Machiya

Do you know "Machiya" ?
Machiya is old Japanese traditional house.
Musashi area will hold event "machiya grand tour" on 30th and 31th of October.
Our ryokan is in Musashi area.
You can visit inside the Machiya and craft centers. (in a set period of time )
For more information: 町家巡遊2010 (japanese)

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Akari to Hana no Komichi

Kazue-machi Chaya Distreict

"Akari to Hana no Komichi"

Kanazawa city will hold event on October 9th and 10th 2010
Flower arrangment, lighting-up event ,concerts and Kanazawa night walk with English guide...
Please, enjoy autumn evening!

Date : October 9th and 10th in 2010
Time : 18:00 to 21:00
For more information :

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