Japanese hotel "Sumiyoshiya Ryokan" in Kanazawa

Sumiyoshiya Ryokan is located Kanazawa City of Japan. Close to the Kenroku-en Garden, Omi-cho fish Market. We will write the sightseeing guide and the event, etc.

Our Ryokan has the longest history of 300 years among all the Ryokans in such Kanazawa.
We are simple and small Inn though, all through the ages we find customer’s smile encouraging and will continue to our Ryokan business in future as well.
Please relax at Sumiyoshiya Ryokan and have a pleasant day!

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Information of Kanazawa

For while, I was depressed thinking about quake-hit people.
Now, I have thought what I can do.
Donation, save on electricity and obtain an exact information,etc....

Above all, we must transmit the information of Kanazawa.
We have transmitted attractive information of Kanazawa !

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Message to people in foreign countries from Kanazawa Sumiyoshiya Ryokan

First, we send our deep prayer to people of Tohoku area,who suffered damage from a earthquake and Tsunami.
It's my sincere wish that disaster area begin reconstruction.

We weren't effect of earthquake around Kanazawa.
If you come to Kanazawa someday,
we hope that we may be of service to you in the future.

Sumiyosiya Ryokan

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