Japanese hotel "Sumiyoshiya Ryokan" in Kanazawa

Sumiyoshiya Ryokan is located Kanazawa City of Japan. Close to the Kenroku-en Garden, Omi-cho fish Market. We will write the sightseeing guide and the event, etc.

Our Ryokan has the longest history of 300 years among all the Ryokans in such Kanazawa.
We are simple and small Inn though, all through the ages we find customer’s smile encouraging and will continue to our Ryokan business in future as well.
Please relax at Sumiyoshiya Ryokan and have a pleasant day!

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Kenrokuen garden and Kanazawa Castle Park light-up event schedule

light up of cherry blossoms

Kenroku-en Garden

Kenrokuen Garden

Kenrokuen garden and Kanazawa Castle Park will held light-up event seven times per year.
During the event admission free.
Feel free to use this reference for your sightseeing.

2011 April 9th 〜 April 17th 18:00〜21:30

2011 June 4th 〜June 5th 19:00〜21:00
2011 September 16th 〜 September 18th 18:30〜21:00

2011 November 18th 〜 November 20th
2011 November 26th 〜 November 27th  17:30〜21:00

2012  February 3th 〜 February 5th
2012 February 10th 〜 Febrary 12th 17:30〜21:00

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Cherry-viewing party

We will organize event.
"Hanami de Mochituki"
This event is cherry-viewing party.
The other are Japanese lute music performance,Qigong and picture-card show etc.
Please stop by when you have the time.

[place] : Matsugae Ryokuchi Park
[time] 17th of April 11:00 am ~ 2:00 pm

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"Sakura Meguri" festa

金沢城公園 兼六園
At 9th and 10th of April,
"Shiinoki Geihinkan" and The other cultural facilities (around Kenrokuen garden) will held "sakura meguri"festa.
Concert, Cafe,Exhibition and Light-up event etc.....
Would you like to go on a cherry viewing picnic ?

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